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Ford Kuga 2021-2024 Car Floor Mat Set

Ford Kuga 2021-2024 Car Floor Mat Set
Ford Kuga 2021-2024 Car Floor Mat Set
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  • Model: Ford Kuga 2021-2024 V206
  • SKU: V206

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Discover a new domain of sophistication and comfort for your Ford Kuga with our latest collection of luxurious floor mats. Elevate your driving experience with a touch of elegance and functionality that surpasses the ordinary. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of these mats set a new standard in the domain of automotive accessories. Stay tuned to explore how these floor mats can redefine your daily commute and enhance the ambiance of your vehicle effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Customizable carpet or rubber mats for Ford Kuga 2021-2024 V206 model

  • Options for standard, premium, or ultimate quality with various colors

  • Water-resistant, anti-slip backing, and made in the UK for durability

  • Fast shipping and a 12-month warranty included for customer satisfaction

  • Personalized text, child stain protection, and trim color choices are available

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Ford Kuga Floor Mats Be Easily Cleaned?

The Ford Kuga floor mats are designed for easy cleaning, ensuring convenience for users. With water-resistant materials and anti-slip backing, maintenance is simple. Just wipe or wash the mats to keep them looking fresh and functional.

Do the Floor Mats Come With Installation Instructions?

Yes, the Ford Kuga floor mats come with detailed installation instructions for easy fitting. Our mats are designed for a custom fit to the Ford Kuga 2021-2024 V206 model, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Are the Floor Mats Compatible With All Ford Kuga Models?

Compatible with Ford Kuga 2021-2024 V206 models, our custom-fit floor mats offer unparalleled quality and protection. Made in the UK, water-resistant, and backed by a 12-month warranty, these mats provide a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Can the Personalized Text Be Changed After Ordering?

Yes, personalized text can be changed after ordering for an additional fee of £9.99. Choose from yellow, red, blue, or white text color options. Enhance your Ford Kuga 2021-2024 V206 car floor mats with this customization service.

Do the Floor Mats Have a Non-Slip Backing for Safety?

Yes, our Ford Kuga floor mats come with a non-slip backing for enhanced safety. Custom-fit for Ford Kuga 2021-2024 V206, these UK-made mats are water-resistant and durable. Purchase with confidence knowing they are designed with your safety in mind.

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