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Ford Kuga 2008-2012 Car Floor Mat Set

Ford Kuga 2008-2012 Car Floor Mat Set
Ford Kuga 2008-2012 Car Floor Mat Set
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  • Model: Ford Kuga 2008-2012 Q38
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Enhance the interior of your Ford Kuga with custom-fit mats designed for the 2008-2012 Q38 model. These UK-manufactured mats offer water resistance and feature an anti-slip backing for increased safety. Whether you prefer carpet or rubber mats, you can select from standard, premium, or ultimate quality options. Personalization extends to choosing carpet colors like black, grey, navy, or beige, along with trim colors in black, grey, beige, red, or blue. The ability to tailor your mats to your preferences not only adds a touch of individuality to your vehicle but also guarantees its cleanliness and protection.

Key Features

  • Custom-fit mats for Ford Kuga 2008-2012 Q38 model.

  • Water-resistant with anti-slip backing for safety.

  • Options for carpet or rubber mats in various colors.

  • Quality choices: standard, premium, or ultimate.

  • Personalization options include trim colors and rubber choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Ford Kuga Mats Have Anti-Bacterial Properties?

The Ford Kuga mats do not possess inherent anti-bacterial properties. However, the mats are water-resistant, aiding in easy cleaning and maintenance, and contributing towards a cleaner interior environment. Consider additional treatments for anti-bacterial protection.

Can I Request a Custom Size for My Ford Kuga Mats?

Custom sizes are not available for Ford Kuga mats. The mats are custom-fit for the Ford Kuga 2008-2012 Q38 model. The options for personalization include choosing from different materials, colors, and qualities, and adding personalized text or child stain protection for an additional cost.

Are the Ford Kuga Mats Compatible With Heated Flooring?

While Ford Kuga mats are designed for a custom fit for your vehicle, it's crucial to verify compatibility with heated flooring systems. Consult with the manufacturer or retailer to confirm if the mats can be safely used in conjunction with heated flooring.

Do the Rubber Mats Have a Strong Odor Upon Arrival?

Rubber mats for the Ford Kuga may have a noticeable odor upon arrival due to their material composition. This smell is normal for rubber products and typically dissipates over time with proper ventilation.

Can I Machine Wash the Ford Kuga Mats for Easy Cleaning?

Yes, Ford Kuga mats can be machine-washed for easy cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results. Machine washing helps maintain the mats' appearance and functionality, ensuring a clean and fresh interior.

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